Ding Dong, the Douchebag’s Dead…Again.

What did your gentle chronicler get, three weeks off? And Sir Ding Dong is back to his tomfoolery. Apparently, he’s dead.


Aw. Too bad, so sad.


If only.

Oh yes, this writer is cruel, and jaded, and unsympathetic. This writer does tend to be that way toward someone who pulls these suicide stunts just because he’s an attention whore and needs a fix.

But oh my, maybe it’s true!

OK. Cool? Seriously, this guy is a waste of resources. He’s useless to everyone but himself, so he won’t be missed. Perhaps his apartment building’s owners will appreciate a tenant who doesn’t rip up the carpets and paint the walls a hideous shade of blue. His neighbors will sleep soundly for the first time in ages, with no discordant cat-screeching guitar ‘notes’ coming from the weird guy down the hall. Perhaps his ex-lady friend, who he’s pretending has written this message, will breathe the first breath of freedom she’s had in the last fifteen years. His ex-friends can find new friends who don’t just use them for free meals.

Oh, if only.

But alas, Mr. Rose has done this for attention before. More than once. From 2009:

hanged1 hanged2 hanged3 hanged4 hanged5 hanged6

Of course, the plot holes did not go unnoticed:


Not getting the attention he’d hoped for, he miraculously reappeared!

suicide3 suicide4

Now…one might think that, considering that Mr. Rose had tried this even earlier than 2009, he might have learned…right?


Seriously, he got one response. And the responder told him to please do it. So, perhaps your gentle scribe isn’t the only one who is tired of this idiot.


Back to my life now…enjoy yours fully, knowing you are not this guy. And this guy can be happy that someone actually noticed his (endless, boring, repetitive) dumbnicity enough to point it out. Considering how many times a day this guy checks the blogs to see if anyone has said anything about him, he should be thrilled!

July 19, 2014 UPDATE:

Mr. Rose is dead…again.




15 thoughts on “Ding Dong, the Douchebag’s Dead…Again.

  1. Buffy Ann your comment cracked me up and you beat me to it! One way to find out is watch the obits section in the two states. He’s far too narcissistic to not have one.

    I call bullshit like everything else this fucktard has done/said. And if is true, Old Gal has a wake up call coming, you can’t go around tossing dead folks ashes in public parks. She might wanna check on that.

  2. Lonely boy 😦 You just can’t make up your mind. You hates us, you want us to go away, you hate us, you want us to stay and play, you hate us, you want us to shut up, you hate us, you want us to give up. You hate us, you miss us and you want us back, because we are stupid and inferior to you, and will do exactly what you tell us to. Not this time RoRo, life is good without you in it, and ironically your post is somewhat true…you are dead to me, and your time is up…ding-ding.

  3. Given how much this neanderthal has wished for/rejoiced in the death of others (Carver Bob, Clapton’s son, Bruce Springsteen’s sax player, etc.), I don’t know why he expects anyone to care.

  4. I hope this the last time this attention whore dies. Just in case it’s not, be sure and let us know your new name when you change it again Romeo. Sad and pathetic.

  5. Unless it was his ghost, apparently he’s alive and well enough to star in a Youtube video:

    Hey Romeo, what does “heterosexual” mean?!

  6. After viewing the video and reading the comments; I can say that I am SO VERY disheartened to realize that I’m just a drop in a bucket. Having been raised with a sociopath, I thought my situation was extreme and abnormal, but society is showing me that we live in a very scary normal now. I will continue to hope that he will disappear by one means or another.

    • Don’t feel too bad reading those comments. The Youtube comments section attracts the lowest degenerates of Internet society… which is why RoRo fits right in.

  7. Douchebags like Romeo make me look forward to death just for the sole fact that I will be able to come and haunt his ass for all the terror he inflicted on folks. That is, if I pass on before Romeo. I look forward to demonically torturing him wherever he may be. RoRo, that thing that slapped you while you were sleeping soundly? It was my cold icy hand. Lights turning off while you are showering? That was me too. Romeo, I will be seeing you in my after life.

  8. here’s the sad thing about this: usually when someone dies you can think of something positive to say about ’em. (i.e. he was a member of the human race or he had a pulse or he had family/friends that will miss him etc.) if this guys gone i can’t think of a single good or positive thing to say about him. he’s a complete waste.

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