Petulant Pouting in Paris

Does he even know WHERE in Europe he is? Where ever Mr. Rose really is, he’s up to his usual tactics for getting some validation.

France1 France2

Mr. Rose forgot to crop out the white line above that stock photo. Oops.

Does anyone else remember, not long ago, when Mr. Rose was attempting to frighten the latest woman who had rejected his overwhelming advances, a pretty young blogger from Pittsburgh, who loves puggles and yoga? After an acquaintance with her of but a few days, he was flooding her with texts and attempted calls, and hinting at buying her jewelry. She then wisely shut him out (and very kindly and carefully done too, I might add), and of course he was angry and vindictive anyway, despite the gentleness of her rejection. The next day, he pretended to be in her city, and also pretended to being buying into a strip club there. He even said, “RIP NMS” in one of his Facebook posts, trying to make people believe that he was a true sociopath badass and an immediate threat to her.


The stock photo in question.

From :


None of it was true of course. He used stock photos of the airport and the club, one of which, the club, I use as a profile photo because it’s amusing to me. His nonsense was quickly debunked, as usual. There wasn’t actually any snow on the ground in Pittsburgh on the day in question.

Now we get a stock photo in sepia tone, perhaps Mr. Rose’s attempt to make a photo shop job look less fake (?)…except it still is of course. “I shall fly to Europe and do a rock god pose in my disco pirate gear in front of a stock photo of the Lourve!” Um, uh-huh. OK. Chalk up another pose of Mr. Rose standing next to something, hoping to soak in its greatness and make it his own. It reminds one of all of the photos he possesses of himself, standing next to accomplished rock musicians, then calling them his ‘friends.’


Two possibilities occur here as to his motivation for this newest bout of nonsense.

1. He’s foolishly thinking his latest lost love will actually be naive enough to think he’s in Paris, so he can stalk her more successfully because he thinks she will relax. Since he’s in Paris and all. You know. Far away. With women who will give him his due obeisance. Women who have respect for fake rock god wannabes.

2. He’s lost his latest local source of narcissistic supply and came up with this ridiculous photo hoping someone would blog about it. Well, there it is. Blogged. Yay and stuff.






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  1. This guy is full of so much LOL now days I just can’t. I would love if someone could get a hold of “Amy” and hear her side of this story. My first question would be if she actually knew what sort of creep she was getting involved with. Let alone continued on for 4 weeks?! She must not be all that stable either as most normal women with half a brain cell would be able to see within 4 seconds this guy is the poster child for why incest is illegal.

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